Growing Your Instagram From Scratch For Your Business

Getting Instagram followers seems like it should be easy. Especially if you’re sharing great photos. Yet, growing your Instagram can prove to be a bit slow, and not quite steady. 

There are over 1 billion active Instagram users every month, which means it’s busier than a Los Angeles highway during rush hour. Helping your brand cut through the clutter to compete with other popular brands is doable. But, you need a plan in place. We’re going to teach you how to organically grow your Instagram from scratch. 

Rule One: Brand Your Brand

Whether you offer a product or service, growing your Instagram means your page has to reflect what you’re offering. But, you need to do it in a way that attracts followers. Your messaging and aesthetics need to not only represent your brand, but they also need to be up to Instagram users’ standards. They demand aesthetically pleasing images with sweet or interesting messaging. Not to mention, they must align with their Insta-beliefs. 

  • Choose a branded color scheme
  • Choose images that correspond with those colors

Rule Two: Refine Your Targeting

Having a target audience is essential, and that goes for all social platforms. First, you must have a clear vision of who your brand is trying to attract. Then create posts with messaging targeted to that audience. You want to hang out with people who want to hang out with you, too. It needs to be a mutual thing, or your Instagram account will fall flat. 

  • Research the demographics of your followers, and the type of client or customer you want to attract.
  • Pay attention to your competitors and who their followers are and if they are relevant to your own brand.

Rule Three: Hashtags Are Key

Instagram is all about hashtags. The more popular the hashtag, the more cluttered the feed. Best practice dictates using a variety of hashtags, from the high volume ones to the low volume. Using all 30 that Instagram allows isn’t necessary. 

  • Place 7-15 hashtags placed at the bottom of the post or in the first comment
  • Opt for hashtags that are in your niche, along with one’s closely related

Rule Four: Influencer Collaboration

Whether you’re a brand, product, or service, there are influencers out there looking to work together. You can first look into who is the most active of your followers, and reach out to them. A mention on an account other than your own is worth a thousand words. The influencer may expect a product in exchange, money, or a shout out on your own Instagram. 

  • There are 3rd party influencer platforms available that can help you create an influencer campaign. ApexDrop is one of many. 
  • Have a campaign budget available if you plan on working with influencers.

Insta-success isn’t a thing. It takes consistent posting, using the right hashtags, and reaching the right audience to grow your Instagram account organically. But, if you do it the right way, you’ll watch those numbers grow, both on Instagram and in your brands’ bottom line.