LinkedIn Hacks For Increased Visibility

It’s no secret that Linkedin is one of the best B2B platforms for networking. Whether you’re there to learn from great minds, expand your connection base, or sell your services, Linkedin could be one of the most beneficial social media platforms for you. Over there, it’s all about post engagement–both on your own and on others, if you want to gain any traction. How is it done, you ask? Well, let’s explore different LinkedIn hacks you can do to gain better visibility. 

First Of All

If you’re just starting out, or you’re just starting to take Linkedin more seriously, there are some things you’ll need to do.

  • Establish your space. What niche/industry are you going to focus on? Best practice dictates you write what you know. It’s okay to stray from your industry, though.
  • The stuff you share should entertain, inform, inspire, and educate. But, not necessarily all at once. 
  • Be approachable and relatable. 
  • Create a consistent publishing cadence. Decide what works best for you, and stick to that schedule. It could be once per week, or once per day. Totally up to you. 
  • Be social. After all, Linkedin is a social platform. And, it could be arguably the most social out of all of the social platforms. This is the most obvious of LinkedIn hacks.
  • Don’t forget to set up and optimize your personal profile. Add a banner image, your avatar, and fill in all your “about you” information. 

Leverage The Linkedin Algorithm

Your post is most vulnerable within the first 30 to 90 minutes after you’ve hit publish. The more eyeballs it gets, and the more comments and likes, the better Linkedin will show it some love. That means Linkedin will allow your post to be seen by people outside of your first tier of connections. 

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Avoid 3rd Party Links

Well, don’t put the 3rd-party links in the body of your post, at least. You can, however, put a link in the first comment. Linkedin prioritizes Linkedin posts. They want you to stay on their site, and clicking a link means you’re potentially straying away. 

Pay Attention To Hashtags

There’s a section on your homepage dedicated to trending hashtags. Click on one, see what is being said, and form your own post. Jump on that bandwagon and ride it. Why not? That’s what it’s there for. It’s also a perfect place to join conversations. Which, in turn, could create new connections. 

Comment Like You Mean It

If all you can come up with is “Great post”, then fine. But, add why you think it’s a great post. By adding some more meaningful words to your comments, you add value to another member’s post. That has the potential to boost up your network, especially when what you say resonates with that user’s connections. 

Also, always respond to comments left on your own posts. If you can’t figure out how to continue a conversation based on what was said, just thank the person for stopping by and leaving their thoughts. 

Play Devil’s Advocate

It’s okay to be a little controversial on a hot topic. Sure, there will be trolls and haters popping in to tell you how awful you are, but that can be a bit fun. However, only take a stand when you believe in the stand you’re taking. Don’t sell out just to gain some attention. 

Join A Tribe

There are groups on Facebook and Linkedin dedicated to reciprocal liking and commenting on posts. This is a way to have guaranteed engagement on your posts, especially in the first 30-90 minutes of it going live. These pods will give your post that quick boost it needs. 

Hashtag The Heck Out Of Posts

Find a few hashtags that are related to what you’re saying in your post. And, choose hashtags relevant to your industry. Five is a good number. You could use more or even less. Just use them. You could find one or more of your posts trending in those hashtags, which is not only a great feeling but it’s also good for increasing visibility. 

Hey Look At Me

Well, not really. I’m a mess right now. But, when you’re publishing a post on Linkedin, tag some people in your network that you’d think would like or comment on it. LinkedIn hacks like this pushes your post into the timeline of their friends and followers. It definitely gets you seen by people who wouldn’t have otherwise seen you. 

Give Shout Outs

People love being seen and heard. They also get a little thrill seeing their name mentioned by someone else, especially if it’s in a positive light. So, on occasion, spread some love to people you appreciate.

You can do this in the form of a “Must Follow” post, and tag some of the people you enjoy following. Or, you can congratulate or give kudos to coworkers. Or just randomly tag people whose attention you’re looking to get. 

Being active for 1-3 hours per day is the last of the LinkedIn hacks. But, if your network grows and earns you new business or employment, then wasn’t it all worth it?