Organic Content Is Your Kingdom

We’re all getting restless. But, as anxious as we are to be able to move around freely, there’s still a sense of hesitation due to the unknown. What is out there waiting for us? In what way is it going to affect us? How can we possibly recover from this? And, all of those questions are just on a personal level. Business owners have a whole slew of concerns piled onto the personal slush pile. I have some words of advice based on over a decade of professional content writing and strategy. I really hope this helps you to navigate your own organic content strategy and writing. 

Content Congestion

More than ever, you must up your organic content game. Up until now, the saying was “Content is King”. Truth is, your content and its context is going to be your entire Kingdom. Businesses that put up a basic website, secured their social handles, and then didn’t do much with them? Well, they are either going to have to start pushing a budget into their online marketing efforts or simply fade away. For the foreseeable future, every audience imaginable will be searching for you online. We were headed toward a complete online culture prior to the pandemic, and that seal has been removed. We’re there, all in. 

There’s going to be, what I’m calling “Content Congestion”. Meaning, as much content as there has been online up until now…it’s going to get even more congested. More content being published on social channels, as well as websites. And, that will make it even harder to be found. 

You must have content. Lots of it. On your website, on your social channels, and on your company or personal blog. If you want to reach the right audience, you must have the right message, at the right time, for your organic content to show up in their search. 

Position Competition

Because there’s going to be a massive uptick of online content, that means it’s going to be harder to hit page one. Another little phrase I’m using is “Position Competition”.  Every company using your keywords are all vying for the same search engine results. Page one. 

Again, this means you must have content. It does NOT have to be the best written. What it does need is the best possible answer to your audience’s question. 

You can find what sort of topics people are searching for as it relates to your product or service by using SEO tools. My personal favorite is Answer The Public. Using one or two keywords, this tool pulls up real-time search engine queries related to the topic you’re searching for. Once those are displayed on the screen, you’ll have a whole series of questions you can use as topics to talk about across your platforms. Take some of those questions and use them to create content for your blogs, for social media, for videos, and for subtopics on your blog. Answer the questions to the best of your ability, edit your words using another tool like Grammarly, add an image, and hit publish. Just do it. And find a comfortable cadence for consistency’s sake. The more content you have, the better. If you’re already creating content, it’s time to double down. 

Seen and Heard

The ubiquitous ‘they’ claim that everyone has a story. Sometimes, that story is obvious. Other times, it takes some digging. But, your story is there. And, it’s important to start crafting that into words and weaving it across all your platforms. Plant those seeds and grow your garden so the world can enjoy its glorious flowers.

Once you have your flow, and you’re creating consistent content, use what you’ve created as a script, and record a video. Video is the fastest-growing consumable content product. It definitely can be daunting. Personally, I can’t stand how I look and sound in videos. But, I know that it’s a valuable piece of content that will make a business become human. So, it must be done. Because, it’s us humans that run the business, and at the end of the day, it’s our story that needs to be told. Through us. Video and content are where our business and personal brands need to collide. 

If you need help with your organic content strategy or ideas, please…don’t hesitate to reach out. We can guide you toward creating content that will make you the envy of every competing business. You can contact me directly at  or you can go through our website contact form: Adapt Studios