Why You Need A Good Video Marketing Strategy

The internet is a competitive place, congested with all sorts of content vying for consumers’ eyes and ears. Nowadays, the consumer is savvier, and they know when they are being sold to. Sales-y content is often overlooked. The ‘real stuff’, that’s what’s in, and it’s likely here to stay. It’s all about humanizing your brand, and the best way to do that is with a video content marketing strategy. 

Why Video Marketing Is Important To Every Industry

No matter what industry you’re in, there’s a market for your videos. Just as podcasting is growing, so is video marketing. Here are some main points to persuade you to start a video campaign of your own. 

Draw in your audience: Video is the preferred method of content delivery. If done right, you will draw in your target audience with captivating messaging. This makes them more willing to perform your call-to-action task. 

Content ideas become endless: One blog post can become a series of videos. You can create lists, testimonials, how-to’s, 30-second elevator pitches, and the list goes on. 

Video IS Social Media: If content is king, then video is the crown jewel. One video can be published across all social platforms because that is what’s expected. And, you can easily shoot these videos using your phone’s front-facing camera.

Watching is the new reading: Attention spans are shorter, and audiences demand entertainment. Viewers want to consume content in video form with the option to have it on mute. So, be sure to include subtitles. 

Results are measurable: It’s easy to see how well your video is performing. Analytics reveal how long a video is watched, what links were clicked, if it was shared, and if any of your call-to-actions were performed.

Conversions and conversation increase: Video marketing influences your user’s behavior. You’ll see better conversions along with increased conversations through your videos. It’s all about humanizing your brand. 

Types of Video Content That’s Easy To Make

There are so many different pieces of content you can create through video. Here is a shortlist of video content ideas to try.

  • Pillar content: Use your blog posts to create a series of videos using the H2s as titles for a series. Using this article, for example. One video would be “Why Video Is So Important To Every Industry”, another would be “Types of Videos you could easily produce”, and so on. 
  • Expert interviews: Hit up your network and do a series of video interviews with industry experts, clients, coworkers, and whoever can make helpful content.
  • Industry advice: Providing insight in a succinct way not only helps simplify a complex industry, but it also will resonate more with your target audience. 
  • Bring on the drones: Drone footage is all the rage and is growing in popularity as drones become more affordable. 
  • Recaps: Summarize important bullet points of the previous week or month’s content.
  • Incentives: If you’re running specials, talk about the benefits of what you’re offering. 
  • How-to videos: How-to content has been popular across every industry. It gives your audience the information needed to try it at home. Most likely, they’ll realize it needs to be done by professionals. By making these types of videos, you’re cementing yourself as a thought leader and establishing trust with potential customers. 
  • Goodwill content: Offer tips and tricks to help your audience without asking for anything in return. 
  • Local happenings: Introduce local activities, businesses, and events. This grows your community and increases referrals. 
  • Promo videos: Explainer videos that talk about your product and why it is beneficial to your audience. These are your ‘brag’ moments. 

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Seeing Is Believing

Initiating a video campaign into your marketing strategy is a great way to give your brand that necessary human element. It’s human nature to want to relate to something, even a product. And, by putting a face behind it, the brand becomes a person. A trusted friend. As a result, you turn your users into fans that become spokespeople for your brand. This creates social proof plus word-of-mouth marketing, and those are two elements unparalleled when it comes to success.

Additionally, one piece of video content can be used in many different ways across your platforms. You can embed it into a related blog post, or use it for your paid marketing campaign to list a couple of ideas. 

Finally, videos aren’t exactly a new concept, but it’s a growing element of an overarching campaign. And, it’s one you will need to consider if you don’t want your brand to be left in the dust.

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